Who Owns Car Left In A Portland, Maine Parking Garage For Years?

It’s pretty wild what you can find in a parking garage in downtown Portland, Maine.

CrankyGamer68 recently posted about a car he’s seen at the Gateway Garage on High Street in Portland. It’s the parking garage next to the Westin. He says that it’s been there at least three years.

I thought this would be interesting to go find and it was pretty easy to locate. Just a quick trip to the third floor and there it was. Abandoned.

Not only is it abandoned and collecting quite a layer of dirt and grime, but it’s also a Toyota Matrix. They stopped making the Matrix in 2013. They just weren’t selling a lot of them. I can’t imagine abandoning a car. I mean, the least you can do is donate it and they’ll come get it no matter what condition. Does the parking garage even know what’s in their garage?

It’s like the time I saw a car buried in snow at BJ’s in Portland. What’s up with cars being abandoned? I mean, it’s not like you wake up and wonder, ‘Where did I leave my car again?‘ The BJs one was there until the snow wasn’t last year. The snow was gone and so was the car.

I’m not sure I get it, but I did find it wicked curious. If anyone knows who the car in the parking garage belongs to, I would love to know how many times it had to go through the car wash before actual paint was found. Oh and what it took to get it started. If it started right up, could be a good ad campaign for Toyota to bring back the Matrix.


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