VESSEL REVIEW | Phoenix Harmonia – Large LPG/ammonia carrier for MOL gas transport arm

MOL Energia, a Singapore-based subsidiary of Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), has taken delivery of a new very large gas carrier (VLGC) constructed by Japan’s Namura Shipbuilding.

Phoenix Harmonia is the first vessel of a newly-developed series of VLGCs constructed by Namura with assistance from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and with design work complying with ClassNK rules. The vessel was developed from the outset to transport both LPG and ammonia.

The Panamanian-flagged newbuild has an LOA of 230 metres, a moulded beam of 36.6 metres, a moulded draught of 12 metres, a gross tonnage of approximately 50,849, and accommodations for 29 crewmembers. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding parent company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said the VLGC was developed into one of the largest vessels of its type capable of carrying ammonia. This was done in anticipation of future demand growth in transport of large volumes of the fuel, as it emits no CO2 during combustion.

To improve the operating performance, the holding capacity of the cargo tanks has been increased from 83,000 to 87,000 cubic metres based on the largest ship size that can enter major LPG terminals throughout Japan.

MOL Energia's very large LPG/ammonia carrier Phoenix Harmonia
Photo: Namura Shipbuilding

In addition to developing the ship’s hull form and detail designs, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding provided the gas handling system that will enable some of the LPG in the cargo tanks to be used as fuel to propel the ship if necessary. This ability to secure LPG fuel from the cargo tanks reduces the number of equipment needed on the deck and ensures flexibility during loading at LPG terminals.

To ensure environmental protection, the VLGC is equipped with a main dual-fuel engine and generators compliant with Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 regulations to reduce NOx emissions, while an air seal-type stern tube sealing device will minimise the risk of oil leakage. The main engine is a 6G60ME-C10.5-LGIP-EGRBP diesel/gas unit supplied by MAN B&W.

The vessel also complies with the SOLAS Chapter II-1 Regulation 3-12 Code on noise levels on board ships to improve the environment within the crew living quarters. A ballast water treatment system is also installed.

Phoenix Harmonia has class notation IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) for compliance with the ship recycling convention according to the Guidelines for the Inventory of Hazardous Materials.

Phoenix Harmonia
Type of vessel: LPG/Ammonia carrier
Classification: ClassNK
Flag: Panama
Owner: Mitsui OSK Lines, Japan
Operator: MOL Energia, Singapore
Builders: Namura Shipbuilding, Japan; Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, Japan
Length overall: 230 metres
Beam: 36.6 metres
Draught: 12 metres
Gross tonnage: 50,849
Capacity: 87,123 cubic metres
Main engine: MAN B&W 6G60ME-C10.5-LGIP-EGRBP
Other equipment installed: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding cargo handling system
Types of fuel: Diesel; LPG
Crew: 29

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