The Black Crowes Bring Rock & Soul To Seattle On ‘Happiness Bastards Tour’ (Review/Photos)

“Monday night’s the new Saturday night!” Chris Robinson shouted out to the packed house at McCaw Hall, a downtown Seattle theatre typically used for for dance and performing arts. The weekday show was the ninth stop on The Black Crowes‘ world tour in support of Happiness Bastards’, the band’s first album in 15 years.

The drum set was perched above a pile of vintage guitar amps as a cardboard cutout of Chuck Berry looked out from behind. The rest of the band members had their nooks in an old-timey sideshow gallery. They started the night off with the ’70s glam rock reminiscent “Bedside Manners” and “Rats and Clowns”, the first two tracks on the new record. The rock and roll carnival continued as the previously estranged brothers indulged the crowd with a few of the band’s classics.

They paid homage to the roots of rock and roll with Bo Diddley’s dirty, low-riding groove, “Road Runner”, and called out other artists from the rhythm and blues cradle of Georgia, one of those of course being Otis Redding. Everyone in the crowd sang along to the Redding classic “Hard to Handle” and continued to do so to another of the band’s staples, “She talks to Angels”.

Chris Robinson’s gritty soulful voice is as powerful as ever—as are the rock and roll frontman moves he shook in front of the center-stage mirror as he and the band treated the crowd to two more heavy hitters, “Remedy” and “Jealous Again”, before closing the evening out with the beloved 2009 “Good Morning Captain”. The 90-minute show was a solid mix of new material and greatest hits—a true American rock and roll show from a true American rock and roll band!

Click below to view a gallery of photos from The Black Crowes at McCaw Hall in Seattle courtesy of photographer Dave Vann.

The Black Crowes Happiness Bastards Tour continues Thursday in Chicago. For a full list of upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, visit the band’s website.

Setlist: The Black Crowes | McCaw Hall | Seattle, WA | 4/15/24

Set: It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll), Bedside Manners, Rats and Clowns, Twice as Hard, Kept My Soul (first time played since 2010), Go Faster, Cross Your Fingers, Road Runner (Bo Diddley) (first time played since 2006), Seeing Things (tour debut), Dirty Cold Sun, Wanting and Waiting, Hard to Handle (Otis Redding), She Talks to Angels, Flesh Wound, Sting Me, Jealous Again, Remedy

Encore: Good Morning Captain (tour debut)

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