Teen nightclubber knocks out victim’s teeth during Belfast dancefloor assault

Limelight stock photo. Picture by Peter Morrison

A teenage nightclubber broke and knocked out his victim’s teeth during an unprovoked assault on a dancefloor in Belfast, a court heard today.

Prosecutors said Joshua Johnston punched the other male repeatedly before he was ejected from The Limelight earlier this year.

Eighteen-year-old Johnston, of Windermere Lodge in Lisburn, pleaded guilty to a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard he was arrested after police were alerted to the incident at the city centre venue on January 7.

A Crown lawyer said: “The defendant was on the dancefloor at The Limelight when he launched an unprovoked attack on (the victim), punching him three times to the face.

“He was removed from the bar and detained by police.”

Four of the victim’s teeth were broken and another one knocked out in the attack, the prosecutor disclosed.

During an initial interview Johnston said he recalled being thrown out of the nightclub but did not remember hitting anyone.

He made a full admission, however, when questioned for a second time.

District Judge Steven Keown adjourned sentencing to next month due to the seriousness of the case.

Indicating that he may order compensation as part of the process, Mr Keown instructed lawyers: “I want all details of any expense gone to by the victim in terms of dental work etc. Make sure that’s done.”

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