TCS | Meet the CHIPendales – South Africa’s biohacker duo

Biohackers Daniel de Kock, left, and Jarryd Bekker

In this special episode of the TechCentral Show (TCS) – presented by MTN Business – Duncan McLeod chats to two South African biohackers, Daniel de Kock and Jarryd Bekker, about why they have voluntarily installed microchips in their bodies.

Respectively the chief technology officer and CEO of Riot Network – the wireless broadband specialist that is building low-cost networks in underserviced areas, including Olievenhoutbosch in Gauteng – they tell TechCentral about why they chose to implant the chips and what they’re used for.

The pair, who both profess a deep-seated desire to receive brain implants from Elon Musk’s Neuralink, explain how they started augmenting their biological bodies with electronics, what’s involved, the information they’re able to glean from the chips, and where the fusion of human biology and electronics is headed over the coming decade.

In the interview, Bekker and De Kock unpack how electronic circuitry in the human body can help detect and manage serious health issues, and the impact this could have on fighting disease and prolonging people’s lives.

The two discuss a range of issues related to biohacking, including:

  • What’s involved when it’s time to upgrade the chips;
  • How one goes about having them installed;
  • The growing online biohacker community; and
  • Integration with artificial intelligence.

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