Spring readings from the Kansas City Chiefs Worry-O-Meter

It’s been a long time since we’ve called upon the Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Worry-O-Meter.

We’re really not sure if there’s an actual Chiefs Worry-O-Meter or not, but we’re happy to go forward with the idea. That’s because a team like the Chiefs has so many reasons to believe they’ll make it three championships in a row.

At the same time, the Chiefs have issues to solve at offensive tackle and defensive tackle, not to mention a certain legal issue faced by the team’s best wideout, Rashee Rice. Will he be suspended? Fined? Both? Is jail time in his future?

And what about other issues? We talk about the silliness of Andy Reid’s retirement questions to the level of concern at offensive tackle to the job that Clark Hunt does as the team’s owner.

The NFL Draft is nearly upon us, so let’s pull out the Chiefs Worry-O-Meter to take some springtime readings of the things that make us anxious and what Chiefs Kingdom should be shrugging off.

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