Salt Lake City council ‘excited’ about Smith Entertainment Group revitalization project

Salt Lake City council members demonstrated interest and excitement Tuesday as they discussed the future of pro sports in the Beehive state’s capital city.

“I am excited for what it means for our city,” councilmember Darin Mano said.

At the beginning of the year, lawmakers passed a bill that would help develop the area near the Delta Center for pro sports, potentially including a new hockey arena.

The city council’s chair, Victoria Petro, said, “I think anyone who realizes the gravity of the situation understands that this is a massive generational opportunity to do some good.”

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Following the Smith Entertainment Group’s application surrounding S.B. 272, council members discussed in detail what that process would entail.

Salt Lake City Attorney Katie Lewis answered council members’ questions regarding that process.

Mano asked: “The application that we received on April 4 — is that something that we can we know the contents of, or is that really just the initial step and the more detailed plans will be in a future step?”

Lewis said the application is the starting point that verifies the basic terms of S.B. 727 are being met.

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The key objective of the legislation is to create a sales tax increase. Lewis said that would be .5% citywide to help fund the project.

“The first question is, what is the applicant planning, and where are their capital cost needs?” Lewis said. “And I think that’s going to drive those questions about where the money is spent within the project area or to benefit the project.”

According to Lewis, the next steps include the negotiation process.

The council has scheduled time on May 7 to meet and discuss the proposal with the Smith Entertainment Group.

The earliest a council vote could take place is July 2.


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