Regen 2024 in Leicester: Dates, Tickets and Tournaments

Team Regen have announced that this year’s edition of their premier event – Regen 2024 – will be taking place in Leicester from August 23rd to August 25th at the historical Athena Events Venue theatre.

The event aims to be the biggest Super Smash Brothers Ultimate event in the UK with a max player cap for 1,024, with the current record held by Albion 4 at the Emirates Stadium in 2019, which reached 896 entrants.

The Regen 2024 announcement video was made below:

Trailer for Regen 2024 by @RealHarthur

Regen 2024 tickets, tournaments and prize pool

Tickets for Regen 2024 go live on April 26th, with tournaments for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Melee and Brawl. Competitor tickets start at £60 for the first week of signups, and go up to £75 with Spectator tickets available for individual days for £20, and full weekend for £50. Parents and Guardians accompanying attendees under 16 receive free entry.

The Main Tournament for the event is Ultimate, with Singles bracket having a £10 entry cost, and a potential prize pool of £10,240 if the cap of 1024 is reached. A tournament for Doubles is also available with a team cap of 256 and £10 entry with a prize pool of £2,560, and the final Ultimate tournament is a £5 entry Squad Strike with a £1,280 prize pool and 512 player cap.

There are also three Side Tournaments available: two for Melee and one for Brawl. The Melee tournaments consist of a Singles bracket with a 128-player cap and £10 entry with potential prize pool of £1,280, and a Doubles bracket with a team cap of 256 with £10 entry per team and £2,560 prize pool.

The final tournament of Regen 2024 is a Brawl bracket with £5 entry and 64 player cap, with a potential prize pool of £1,280.

Invited Players at Regen 2024

There a number of players featured in the trailer that are already attending the event from all over the world. From the UK, Bloom4eva and Luugi will be attending again. Luugi won Regen 2023 last August, with Bloom4eva winning Team Regen’s most recent event, Invasion 2024 in April, which saw multiple Spanish players attend including Sisqui and AndresFn who will both be returning for Regen 2024.

Other players from Europe include Lancelot, who defeated Bloom last year for 7th, and Tarik who came 3rd at Regen 2023 after losing to Luugi. Joining them will be Space, who placed 5th at last year’s event, losing to both Tarik and Luugi.

There are also four players from North America attending the event. MKBigBoss from Mexico returns to the UK for a third time this year after winning Grand Conquest 2024 in Manchester in March, and placing 4th at Invasion 2024. With him though comes MkLeo, currently ranked 11th and winner of Genesis 9, and Maister, currently ranked 23rd in the world with a 2nd place finish at Super Smash Con 2022. It will be the first time either of them have competed in the UK.

The final featured player is Kola from the US, currently ranked 36th, and it will be their first time competing overseas in Europe.

Trailer Influences

With the event taking place in an old cinema, the trailer featured many different movie posters and references with the cast of Super Smash Bros filling in the parts of each one. A short video showing each reference was uploaded to the trailer creator’s X account.

More information about Regen 2024 can be found on the event page including extra experiences such as an LGBTQ+ Meet, Cosplay Contest as well as guides for travel to the area and local hotels. A schedule is still TBD.

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