Pangaia’s first UK store will be on London’s Carnaby Street

This summer will see Pangaia arriving in London’s Soho with a store on Carnaby Street that will be its first standalone location in the UK.

The brand describes itself as a “global collective of one heart and many hands — scientists, technologists, designers — using nature’s intelligence to create apparel from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials”. And that’s a positioning that could do well in one of London’s popular-but-niche shopping neighbourhoods that’s nonetheless just a stone’s throw away from the busy main West End shopping area and is also a tourist destination in its own right.

It will open on the estate controlled by landlord Shaftesbury Capital at 57 Carnaby Street with the 1,500 sq ft store set to offer the brand’s genderless apparel.

As is to be expected from the company, there will also be plenty of opportunity for visitors to learn more about Pangaia’s “problem-solving materials science innovations”. 

As mentioned, the debut helps to cement Soho’s reputation as a place where niche brands like to set up shop. But it’s also known for its sports profile as well as its growing appeal to luxury labels and especially for debut stores that may not work as well on the more mainstream Oxford Street, on the megabrand flagship destination of Regent Street or on the ultra-luxury Bond Street nearby.

Pangaia will, for instance, sit alongside neighbouring retailers such as END, Adidas Originals, and Axel Arigato, all of which opened debut stores there (it was a first in London for END, and firsts globally for Adidas Originals and Axel Arigato).

There’s also plenty more to attract visitors from both the UK and abroad with new dining concepts  and a steady flow of quirky pop-ups.

Michelle McGrath, Executive Director at Shaftesbury Capital, called Pangaia “one of the most interesting and innovation-driven brands globally” and said the new flagship “underscores the district’s reputation for UK firsts, world-class experiences and sought-after consumer demographics. The signing highlights our approach to active curation, seeking out challenger and high-growth brands which complement the multi-dimensional nature of the area”.

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