New Nottingham Broad Marsh walkway opens as Green Heart works progress

A new walkway has been opened at Nottingham’s Broad Marsh site as work on the Green Heart project progresses. The concrete-slabbed path provides pedestrians with a helpful cut through between the train station and the city centre.

The route, which slices through the site of the demolished shopping centre, will remain in place until the finishing touches are completed later this year. “This new path has been created as part of the wider Green Heart works,” said a spokesperson for Nottingham City Council.

“The route will remain in use until the completion of works later this year, when the main direct path between Collin Street and Lister Gate will also open.” The Green Heart development will see an area the size of a football pitch converted into a green space featuring plants and wildlife.

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Work began at the beginning of last year and the city council previously said the space will include sandstone benches, trees and urban wetlands. Plans show that paths will wind around six different wildlife areas within the Green Heart – each of which will boast a variety of trees such as maple, silver birch, hazel and oak.

Wildlife areas will include a pond, rain garden and meadow turf. A £25 million Community Diagnostic Centre has also recently been approved for the Broad Marsh area.

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