New Hamptons-Style Character Homes Hit the Market in Adelaide

Adelaide may be a long way from New York’s holiday hotspot, but a new range of Hamptons-style designs is bringing this signature look close to home. 

Local builder Rivergum Homes has launched their new Reflection Range, which captures the classic coastal style and charm of a Hamptons residence. 

The Mawson is just one of the stunning designs in the Reflection Range by Rivergum Homes.

Rivergum’s exclusive Reflection collection offers a choice of homes that combine timeless character with modern features, flowing layouts and alfresco areas, which suit the Australian lifestyle.  

“They really are some beautiful homes,” says Russell Slater, New Home Consultant Team Leader at Rivergum Homes. 

“The Hamptons facade has been very popular for quite a few years and is probably still growing in popularity. But we’ve been seeing builders just slapping a Hamptons facade on a brick home, which is really not our approach.” 

Holiday at home 

Slater says Rivergum has designed the homes from the outside in, to ensure they go above and beyond in terms of liveability.  

Essentially, capturing the sense of sanctuary you might enjoy on a weekend away. 

The popular Byron design with a Palm Springs facade.

“People walk inside our homes and their first reaction is, ‘gosh, this would be lovely as a holiday home’,” he says. 

“Then you stop and think, ‘Actually, why does it have to be restricted to that? Why can’t we have a beautiful place like this to live in all the time?’ With these homes you can.” 

Hamptons style is instantly recognisable from the outside: think weatherboard cladding, gabled roofs and ornate windows. 

The Reflection Range incorporates these elements into three Hamptons-inspired facades that can be suited to frontages between 9.14m and 20.24m. 

Buyers can also personalise their home’s street appeal with different colours and textures.  

Byron is just one of the single-storey options in the Reflection Range.

“We have a full range from the quite reserved white facade, through to the more Palm Springs style, or people can choose some heavy greys for that modern industrial style,” Slater explains. 

“There’s also a lot of flexibility with cladding choice so each home has a really unique signature.” 

Slater highlights the Byron design as a “classic Hamptons style” that’s already proving popular, featuring a grand entryway, two separate living areas for larger families, and an alfresco area that extends the living space. 

There are five single-storey designs and three double-storey options, with three- and four-bedroom floorplans available. 

Clever design 

A key difference in the Reflection Range is the use of cutting-edge materials that are durable yet lightweight, instead of heavy brick and concrete.  

Slater says this allows design flexibility as well as other unexpected benefits.  

Designs in the Reflection Range, such as the Verto, suit a range of block sizes and frontages.

“One of the advantages of not using brick or concrete is the avoidance of heat retention,” he says. 

“In Adelaide, during the heat waves, clay bricks can hold heat for up to 12 hours, which means when the sun is coming up the house is only just starting to cool down. 

“But with our homes they always return to the same starting point, without retaining heat.” 

Another benefit is the ability to include bigger windows, which means more light and ventilation inside. 

Slater says lightweight construction is a new concept for many, but the upsides include cost savings that can be put towards additional features and design elements. 

Sustainable living 

Slater says lightweight homes are built to the highest energy-efficiency standards, ensuring that residents can enjoy a comfortable living environment while minimising their carbon footprint.  

“If you make the most of that design flexibility, you can definitely design a home that will require a lot less air conditioning,” Slater says. 

There’s also energy efficient lighting, externally ducted kitchen rangehoods and water-efficient fittings for kitchen, bathroom and laundry, which can be easily incorporated. 

“It’s been very clear to us that people are looking for something with a lot more design and energy efficiency, and low footprint,” he says.  

“So, we’ve identified this and used things like lightweight cladding, which is one of the key components that is a real growing trend.” 

Want to experience a lightweight Hamptons-style home? Take a look at Rivergum’s Reflection Range or enquire below. 

All images supplied courtesy of Rivergum Homes and are artist’s impressions only.

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