Murray: Best players now stay longer at Brighton

Brighton are getting the best young players in the world for a very specific reason.

That is the view of Glenn Murray, who states that new signings believe they can make serious progress at the club.

The former striker believes foreign players now understand what the Seagulls can do for their careers.

Speaking on the club’s official podcast, Murray said: “That is something I saw as a player.

“Early in the Premier League we would get players from lesser European leagues and they wouldn’t know any of the players.

“They would think they were going to be the best player and were going to step up to maybe not a top six club but to an historic English football club – and that just wasn’t the case.

“I’ve seen it change hugely. No longer are we a stepping stone club.

“We are a club where you can play for your national team, where you can progress your career.

“Yes, obviously there are always going to be bigger clubs than us but I think generally players who sign for Brighton are content here for longer.”

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