Michigan marijuana sales down in April by $10 million

Despite one of the most robust cannabis markets in the nation, and the annual cannabis holiday of 4/20 last month, Michigan marijuana sales fell between March and April, according to state sales totals.

Recreational and medical Michigan marijuana sales combined for a total of $278.5 million for all of April, down from $288.8 million in March, according to data from the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency. That’s a decline of $10.3 million, or just under 4%.

Still, April sales were robust, given that the March numbers were a new record at the time, surpassing the previous monthly sales record of $276.7 million from last July.

The vast majority of April sales, $276.7 million, came from the recreational side of the Michigan cannabis market, while the medical side added another $1.8 million, the CRA reported.

Of the recreational sales, flower represented easily the most popular product category, with $124 million in sales last month and another $21.9 million in sales of shake and trim. The second most popular category was vape cartridges, which hit $51.8 million in sales.

At the end of April, the Michigan marijuana market boasted 2,206 active cannabis business licenses. That includes 793 retailers, a whopping 1,044 cultivators, another 266 processors, and a few score microbusinesses, transporters, event organizers and safety compliance facilities, according to CRA’s monthly report.

Michigan could be in for a hit this summer, however, when neighboring Ohio is expected to launch its upcoming recreational cannabis market. Other states have seen a decline in sales when nearby states open their own adult-use marijuana shops, and the national industry has continued to balloon.

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