A Sydney man has smashed the official world record – set in Sydney last year – for the most pubs visited in 24 hours.

David Clarkson, a 69-year-old retired accountant, took the title from Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, who set a cracking benchmark of 99 pubs in a day in February 2023, in the hope of boosting Sydney’s nightlife and to raise money for MS Australia.

Clarkson, who hails from Lancashire and calls himself a Lord but has called Australia home for over 40 years, likewise did his record in Sydney because, he says, he has “experience” in the field, and because Sydney has so many great pubs.

He racked up a visit to 120 in the allotted time.

Explaining that his life is about “travel, drinking and spreadsheets” he used a combination of licensing data, pivot tables and Google Maps to plan his record-breaking route.

Beginning at midday on Thursday, 11 April, at the Captain Cook Hotel, he went on to walk to every pub. Shortly after 3am he retired for a few hours’ sleep before hitting the road again by 7:30.

According to the rules, each pub visit had to incorporate a paid transaction for a beverage, which could be real booze or non-alcoholic, and a minimum of 125mL of liquid had to be consumed. The record saw Clarkson drink 20 litres of mostly soft drinks and juice over the 24 hours.

He recruited friends to accompany him to the premises, both to help him keep track and to bear witnesses. A logbook was signed by staff at each pub.

Pete Fairbairn, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, was alongside for the attempt for the first four hours and the final four hours, which ended with a dash into The Sussex with only minutes to spare.

Clarkson was officially awarded the title of Most Pubs Visited in 24 hours (individual).

Trophy in hand, the new record holder wasted no time in celebrating, and ordered a well-deserved pint of beer.

He says his favourite stops on the trail were the speakeasy bars on Clarence Street, and says going to the pub is about “yes, having a beer – but also making friends”.

Image: Guinness World Records

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