Lane closures on Germantown Road causing drivers’ headaches | News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Work on Germantown Road has spilled over into disruption of routines beyond detours for drivers.

Both southbound lanes on Germantown Road crossing over the Wolf River are closed this week as workers with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) make repairs to that bridge.

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The northbound lanes were closed recently for the same reason.

The slowdown has created an overload of rush hour traffic, especially along Houston Levee Road, where parents drive to take their children to several schools in the nearby area.

Traffic has also become backed up on stretches of Walnut Grove Road, extending to the Shelby Farms Park area.

Some parents say that what normally takes them just a few minutes now takes about an hour.

The closed lanes have caused headaches, tardiness and stress on students who are taking the mandated Tennessee comprehensive exams this week.

Officials say that it’s necessary for the bridge work to be done now, and not later in the summer during school break, because the project is temperature sensitive: The current weather conditions match the needed range.

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