It all but seems for sure that the Houston Texans will take this position first in th

The more and more people talk about the upcoming NFL Draft, the more and more it seems like the Houston Texans will draft a cornerback first. While the cornerback position has been rebuilt this offseason, it’s fair to say that the depth isn’t quite there. Not with some suggesting that Jeff Okudah, a failed top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, may actually start for the Texans at the position.

If that’s the case, then it may make sense to draft a corner early. But what makes us think the Texans are actually going to do so with the first pick? NFL Insider Aaron Wilson has gone on record saying that the Texans “will” draft one defensive back in the 2024 NFL Draft. In fact the way Wilson phrased his statement, it sounds like the Texans could and will take more if the right players fall to them.

We also have another draft insider, Tony Pauline, suggesting that the Texans really like a Tulane cornerback, Lance Robinson.

This point is further compounded by the top Texans names like DeMeco Ryans talking about how the Texans are likely to add to the roster in the draft, even at positions that aren’t seen as needs

Now, what will likely end up happening is the Texans will take the top name still available on their big board regardless of position, but it sure does seem like they may b valuing corners over everyone else. if that’s the case, is that the right call? Should the Texans be putting that much emphasis on corners?

This is a situation where I’m torn on. It makes sense, as the Texans don’t have a lot of proven depth at the position, but I may be more high on the top three corners (Derek Stingley, Desmond King and Myles Bryant) than many others. I think a corner can wait until the fourth round or later.

Though if they go corner earlier, it wouldn’t be the worst call possible.

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