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Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass delivers the State of the City address to city council members and invited guests at Los Angeles City Hall on Monday, April 15, 2024. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass delivered the annual State of the City address Monday on the heels of a report from the City Administrative Officer that the actual state of the city is deep in the hole.

The January 19 memo from Matthew Szabo informed the City Council that current fiscal year revenues had fallen further since his last report, from $93 million “below plan” to $158 million worse than expected, and overspending, estimated earlier at $297 million, was likely to increase with “the approval of tentative agreements reached with the Coalition of City Unions.”

The City Council still has to approve those agreements, which include generous raises for civilian city workers estimated to add $1 billion per year to the city budget by 2028. This follows a new labor agreement with LAPD earlier in the fiscal year that increased “overspending” in 2023-24 by $80 million for salaries and $17 million in overtime.

Bass briefly referred to “a tough budget year” and “rising costs,” but didn’t mention Szabo’s recommendation that the Council seek “revenue enhancement opportunities including ballot measures,” which is another way of saying (or not saying) “tax increases.”

The mayor praised the new LAPD contract and forcefully told the Council, “We must pay our workers fairly.”

With what?

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