“I love being the underdog”

Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger, or simply Saba, was born in 1997 in Ethiopia. When she was only eight months old, she and her twin sister, Andrea, were adopted by a Danish couple.

Growing up as two black girls in the small town Ringkøbing in Denmark wasn’t easy. As soon as they moved to Copenhagen, Andrea pursued a singing career that became rather successful whereas Saba started off as a model.

A few years later, Saba decided to start investing in her singing career as well and even replaced her sister in the musical “Hair” when she became pregnant. That was certainly one of the triggers that opened the doors to where she is now: To represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

– Watching the Eurovision Song Contest has always been a tradition in my family. I’ve watched it since I was a little child and it has always been a dream of mine to be on such a massive stage, Saba says.

– But I work with a lot of different projects so I wouldn’t say I’ve worked towards this exact moment. It was only when I heard “Sand” that I knew it was time.

Denmark 2024: Saba – “Sand”

Sand” is written by the two Eurovision “experts” Jonas Thander and Melanie Wehbe, as well as the singer-songwriter Pil (Pil Kalinka Nygaard Jeppesen). It was through mutual connections that Saba was offered the song:

– When I heard it the first time, I was smiling. I knew it was a good option and I knew my voice would fit in it. I remember thinking it was nice, different and I just had a good feeling about it.

She goes on to share there was a second song that they considered but, in the end, they decided that “Sand” would be the best option:

– I also recorded one other song that was also great but not for now… Who knows maybe for another year?

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