Grab Your Mates And Dates For Melbourne’s Best Group Dining Spots

Walk down any street in Melbourne and you’ll likely stumble upon a food joint that’ll quickly find itself in your heavy rotation. There are only so many days in a year, though—so we’ve partnered with the easy, breezy team at Now Book It to make choosing new places for the crew a little easier. 

From shareable sashimi to cult-classic lasagne, here are eight new eateries for you and your buddies to fall in love with. 

Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki

Glen Waverley

Chef cooks and iron griddle

Tuna tataki with crisp radishes, salt and pepper prawns with a shiso mayo, a savoury egg custard (chawanmushi) loaded with crab—where to begin with Wagyu Ya Teppanyaki? The fourth offshoot of steak savants Wagyu Ya Group, this Glen Waverley dining experience serves morsels of heaven on a scorching hot iron griddle—with every dish fighting for the top spot on your must-eat list. For a proper smorgasbord of spices and flavours, opt for the set menu and eat your way through 13 dishes. You’ll be full for the next week but it’ll be oh, so worth it. 

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Pier Farm


Tiramisu from Pier Farm

Venture along Hobson’s Bay and you’ll find Pier Farm, a Mediterranean-style eatery that would have no trouble blending in on a Greek island. With over 150 wines to choose from, it might be wise to get the staff to recommend a bottle that pairs best with your lime zest-infused Western Australia mud crab risotto, or fresh oysters with a raspberry vinaigrette and tiramisu to finish. For the cooler evenings, a wood-fired calzone brimming with ricotta, ​​double-smoked ham and san marzano tomatoes will keep you cosy. 

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Melbourne CBD

Choux pastry, corn custard, corn caramel, chantilly cream

For all things miso, soy and chilli, Korean restaurant Doju is where it’s at, quickly becoming a Melburnian talking point since its grand opening in December. The sultry atmosphere works in tandem with the flavour bombs that take centre stage on the plate, including burnt leek, shards of chicken skin crisp, a rich cashew cream and an even richer brown butter. Truly special desserts can be found in the form of injeolmi ice cream, alongside candied walnuts, a fluffy yoghurt mousse, and a tart rhubarb chung or the corn custard filled choux pastry with corn caramel and chantilly cream. 

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sushi and sashimi from Uminono

It’s a tall order emphasising just how fresh the sashimi at Uminono is until you’ve experienced biting through a Hokkaido scallop yourself—so you’ll just have to take our word for it until then. This lunch-only sushi haven might make you late back to the office with its 11-course omakase experience, and there will be zero regrets in doing so. Uminono’s signature vinegar-laced rice accompanies an array of fresh seafood—from Paradise prawns and kingfish to tuna tartare—all seasoned to perfection. 

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Melbourne CBD

Dinner at Marameo

Arrive at Marameo for a nostalgic Tequila Sunrise with sweet maraschino cherries—and stay for the distinctly Italian fare. Conceived as one festive dinner party, Marameo is best experienced with a group of ravenous revellers overdue for a feast. And a feast you’ll have—the 10-cheese lasagna with wild mushrooms is a marvel of modern cuisine, while the black truffle cacio e pepe is pure indulgence. 

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Brunswick East

Pizzas from Figlia

If you’ve met a Brunswick-based friend for dinner in the last year or so, they’ve likely suggested Figlia—its 48-hour organic fermented sourdough pizzas are inherently Northside and they have the flavours to back it up. Set out like an old-school Italian diner, Figlia’s artichoke, guanciale and pecorino pizzas are just as tempting as its silky smooth lemon myrtle panna cotta. 

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1800 Lasagne


1800 Lasagne

Melbourne mainstays for a hot minute now, 1800 Lasagne continues to carve out its own, cheesy lane in the field of piping hot pasta dishes. Open late every day of the week, enjoy an eggplant lasagne di melanzane while perched at a table in the suburban-style outdoor garden. Although pasta is their bread and butter, the tiramisu serves as the perfect bonding experience between you and your date—two forks for one mound of caffeine-infused biscuity goodness. 

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Melbourne CBD

Vegan curry from Cookie

While desserts are certainly on the menu at Cookie, this Thai beer hall just off Swanston Street offers so much more. The heaving venue transforms from scrumptious restaurant—think authentic Pad Thai that stands heads and shoulders above the rest, as well as an array of vegan options crammed with flavour—to sit-down discotheque in a matter of courses. Regardless of the night, it’ll be one to remember. 

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Image credit: 1800 Lasagna, Pier Farm and Figlia.

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