Flight operations were suspended at Birmingham Airport because of ‘suspicious item’ on Aer Lingus flight

Birmingham Airport suspended its flight operations after the discovery of a suspected item onboard an Aer Lingus flight.

Birmingham Airport temporarily suspended its flight operations due to the discovery of a suspected item onboard an Aer Lingus flight EI3647 from Birmingham to Belfast.

Pilots of the ATR 72-600 (registration G-CMJJ) declared an emergency (squawk 7700) just after take-off on 16 April.

The flight returned back for a safe landing on Runway 33 only 30 minutes after departure. It taxied to a remote area followed by emergency services. Passengers deplaned on the isolated taxi way.

“We are currently at Birmingham Airport following a report of a suspicious item found on a flight destined for Belfast.

West Midlands Police

Several flights to Birmingham diverted to Manchester Airport as Ryanair flight FR670 from Dublin.

We can confirm that an undeclared item discovered on Aer Lingus Regional flight EI3647, operated by Emerald Airlines, from Birmingham to Belfast today was not a security risk. 

Aer Lingus spokesman

The ATR 72 was later moved back to the terminal after officials declared it was safe and the flight operations resumed.

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