Facebook Marketplace frenzy: Free Hobart ‘sushi train’ conveyor up for grabs

The closure of a hot pot restaurant in Hobart’s Elizabeth Street Mall has created a hot commodity on Facebook Marketplace.

Dozens of people are jumping at the chance to get their hands on the restaurant’s revolving food bar.

The lengthy ‘sushi train style’ track was listed on Facebook Marketplace on Monday as a free giveaway.

“Free to take. Chairs are not included. Pick up at the city,” the listing read.

This Hobart food conveyer is being given away. Image / Facebook

With space for 16 diners, many took to the comments on the listing to jokingly suggest they should claim it for their home dining room or outdoor living area.

“(We could) have our own sushi train at home,” one commenter told a friend. “Meals on a conveyer on the alfresco,” said another.

A new hot pot train in North Hobart. Image / Supplied

The outgoing owner hopes the conveyor belt finds a new life in another Tasmanian ‘train style’ eatery.

Hobart’s remaining hot pot train now resides in North Hobart at the old ‘Veg Bar’ venue, operated by the owner of the Tasmanian sushi-train chain Hokkaido.

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