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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Dozens of demonstrators boarded a bus in Memphis Wednesday morning to take their concerns straight to Nashville. They joined hundreds of others for “The People vs. The State of TN” march and rally at the capitol, protesting recent state laws on abortion, transgender people, education, and more.

We’re protesting anything that is an attack on democracy,” said Tikeila Rucker, Political Director for Memphis for All. “It’s ‘The People vs. The State of Tennessee’ rally and march today because we are sick and tired of being under attack by the very people that are elected to represent, serve and work for the community.”

Rucker said state legislators this session are going too farShe referenced several recent bills she said are stripping Tennesseans of their rights, including criminalizing people who help minors get abortions, and arming teachers inside schools. Legislation supporters argue are designed to protect Tennessee’s children.

That is very dangerous,” said Rucker. “Teachers are a pill and a bottle away from their sanity. So you’re putting guns in the hands of teachers in a room full of children that are unruly and disrespectful is no telling what can happen. It’s been very frustrating because we’re fighting an uphill battle. We know that the Republican supermajority, they’re going to do what they want to do. But we’re going to continue to show up and let them know that it’s not okay.”


“We want the top to repeal the ban on abortion for all Tennesseans, especially those folks who are Black and brown, who are at the heart of mortality rates and high-burden issues,” added Antoine Dandridge, Black Organizer for Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood. “Memphis in particular, has always been attacked at our capital for so many years. We are impacted so much about what’s happening with these bills. And this movement today we’re hoping that all Memphians who are watching this realize that we have to make more trips to Nashville. We’ve got to stay on top of these people making decisions because we are not just this little city on the bluff. We are a major part of this state.

The more than 30 advocates who took the bus from Memphis joined hundreds of others from 20 grassroots organizations across the state to rally in Nashville demanding change.

These demonstrations are important because if we just lay down, they’ll continue to do these things and think it’s ok,” said Rucker. “What impacts one of us impacts all of us. So it may not be at your doorstep today, but trust me, if they can continue to push this thing forward, it’s coming to your house, it’s coming to your neighborhood. So we have to show up and stop it now before it’s too late.

FOX13 reached out to Republican lawmakers from Memphis and the Governor’s office for response to the protest. At the time this story was published, FOX13 has not received a response. 

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