Denver Reclaims Title as America’s Top Weed City: Majority of Americans Embrace Cannabis

In a vibrant comeback from 2023’s rankings, Denver has once again been crowned America’s top city for cannabis, reasserting its 2022 position according to recent findings. This resurgence coincides with a broad shift in American attitudes towards marijuana, with a significant 62% of the population having tried cannabis at some point.

The latest data from a joint study by Real Estate Witch and Leafly, two authorities in real estate and cannabis market analytics, respectively, reveals compelling insights into the evolving cannabis landscape in the United States. Notably, nearly one-third of Americans (31%) express a preference for cannabis over alcohol, underscoring a major cultural shift.

The acceptance of cannabis users is overwhelmingly positive, with 74% of respondents indicating they hold no negative views towards those who partake. This is aligned with the strong support for cannabis legalization, which holds steady with 55% of Americans advocating for legal weed across the board. However, the path to unanimous acceptance is still fraught, as 23% oppose legalization and 22% remain on the fence.

Regionally, the Midwest has emerged as a surprising proponent of legalization. Despite stringent regulations in many of its states, 61% of Midwesterners support legal cannabis, showcasing a significant shift in public opinion within the region.

Denver: A Leader in Accessibility and Affordability

Denver not only tops the list in terms of popularity but also excels in accessibility and affordability. The city boasts the third-highest number of dispensaries per capita in the country at 10.4 per 100,000 people, coupled with an impressive average dispensary rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Leafly. Furthermore, Denver ranks as the fourth most affordable city for cannabis, with the price of an ounce averaging around $242.

Leafly’s Senior Editor, David Downs, comments on the findings: “It’s no surprise to see Denver at the top of the best weed cities in America. They were the first to legalize and now boast the most mature and advanced cannabis economy of any jurisdiction on the planet.”

The Other Side: The Worst Cities for Cannabis

While cities like Denver flourish, others lag significantly behind. Cities such as Louisville, Dallas, and Atlanta find themselves at the bottom of the list, with prohibitive costs and stringent laws hindering access and affordability. Louisville, for example, ranks as the fourth most expensive city for cannabis, compounded by its illegal status and a scarce 0.1 cannabis retailers per 100,000 residents.


The landscape of cannabis in America is diverse and dynamic, with cities like Denver leading the way in fostering environments where legal cannabis thrives. As public opinion continues to shift and more states consider legalization, the future of cannabis in America looks robust and promising. For more in-depth analysis and a complete list of rankings, visit the full report at Real Estate Witch.

This comprehensive snapshot of the U.S. cannabis scene reflects a growing acceptance and normalization of cannabis in mainstream culture, positioning Denver once again at the forefront of the movement.

Next year we expect to see NYC at the top of this list!

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