Charlotte-area ‘Skill arcades’ raided by SWAT officers

Multiple agencies appeared to be involved in the operation, which led to at least one raid of a “skill arcade” in southeast Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — SWAT officers appeared to be raiding a number of gambling establishments in the Charlotte area on Wednesday. 

Officers got the call around 1 p.m. and immediately swarmed a location on Albemarle Road near Independence Boulevard. Two other locations, along Independence Boulevard in Matthews, and on Bessemer City Road in Gastonia, were all locations of a heavy police presence Wednesday. It’s unclear how many agencies are part of the operation that spans multiple jurisdictions. WCNC Charlotte has contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, as well as North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) to learn more about the operation. 

“A lot of rigmarole goes on over there,” Michelle Touchberry, who was in the area when police arrived, said. “You smell weed, they don’t keep the place clean. They walk through the parking lot and they just throw trash. You find needles all over here and stuff like that. It’s just bad news.”

FROM 2022: Gambling crackdown: CMPD makes major bust at Charlotte ‘skill arcade’

The location on Albemarle Road in Charlotte is called Fish Table Computer Games. WCNC Charlotte’s crew saw numerous unmarked police vehicles at the business. A front entrance and at least two other windows were smashed.

“I saw black and white undercover cars pulling up, like 24 of them,” Touchberry said. “Two armored vehicles with people with Army gear on … They rammed a window on the left and you hear a dynamite blast. It blew off the door, you could hear it in the back of the building.”

In 2022, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department teamed up with federal agencies to crack down on illegal gambling. At the time, a spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety’s Alcohol and Law Enforcement Division said so-called “skill arcades” operating video keno games, slot games and fish tables are illegal in North Carolina.

CMPD said at the time a lot of violent crime associated with these locations. The department said it will continue to conduct search warrants until they put a stop to illegal gambling operations in Charlotte.

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