Canberra’s most wholesome Reddit thread? We rate Canberra’s best benches

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At first, I thought I hadn’t read it right. Surely they meant Canberra’s best beaches…right?

No, people were really having a serious debate about Canberra’s best benches in the r/canberra subreddit and honestly, it warmed my heart a little.

So, in the spirit of HerCanberra and loving all facets of our city (even the humble platforms we put our bums on), we wanted to share the thoughts of Reddit with the world (just this once). Not only have we found the GoogleMaps links for these famous benches, but tried our best to find photos, so you too can pop your bum somewhere special on your next adventure.

I can’t be the only one surprised by this – The Arboretum truly does have some spectacular views.

Find the bench in our feature image here.

This might just be Canberra’s most photographed bench…but how many of you have actually sat down to find that out?

Find out just how heated it is here.

Found it! This bench actually has a name and its own GoogleMaps pin – the RG Menzies Walk Park Bench and Picnic.

Find it here.

Someone clever has pointed out that this bench is likely this beautiful structure you can see below, which is a memorial bench, commissioned by a family to remember someone special.

You can find it here.

An iconic bench if we ever saw one (although how many of us have actually sat on it?).

Find it here.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this is and after peering at a satellite picture on GoogleMaps for 10 minutes, it’s no clearer.

But the view looks stunning, so good for you if you do find it!

Feature image of the bench at the National Arboretum from Tourism Australia.

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