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BILLINGS, Mont. – Coming up at the end of April, local nonprofit, ‘Equines for Fosters’, is hosting a fundraiser to support their work providing therapeutic riding for kids who were, or still are, in foster care.

The organization hopes to give kids the opportunity to learn equestrian skills like brushing, playing, and eventually getting to ride a horse. And they say that when kids in their program start developing that unspoken bond, and a friendship, with the horse they get lessons with – it translates to that child coming back out for more sessions.

The program provides that special connection at no cost to the kids who participate — thanks to community donations.

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A lot of those kids have gone through so many different things where the horse’s kind of provide that outlet, you know, that comfort. So, and it’s really cool to see how like the kids and the horses interact. You can see when a kid like, is struggling emotionally like the horse will actually like reach around to like comfort and support. And it’s really cool to see that horse person relationship,” said Leah Urbanski, CEO of Equines for Fosters.

‘Fosters for Equines’ is looking to continue their work — and they need your help!  They’re hosting a fundraising event at the Northern Hotel in Billings on April 27 starting at 5:00 pm.

The event will feature dinner, a silent auction, and live music afterwards from local artist, Juliette Angelo. Tickets are $100 dollars per person and will be on sale through next Monday, April 22.

Businesses are also encouraged to sponsor the Fundraiser Dinner. Those who sponsor a table of 8 at $100 a seat will be recognized as a sponsor of the event.

You can learn more about the fundraiser event on the Equines for Fosters website at RSVP online or by phone at (406)647-3210.

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