A Taste of Europe & Russia in Billings

Level Up your Breakfast Indulgence.

After a long morning’s work, I decided to give myself a treat from Veronika’s Pastry Shop at 2513 Montana Avenue.  I recalled the little bakery received attention for an award, and the owner and baker Veronika Gerasimova reminded me that she was a finalist for the James Beard Foundation award for best pastry chef in the nation.

A little research of the news struck me that the nomination was just over a year ago, early April 2023.

Veronika’s is a quaint business just a few doors down from Dickey’s Barbeque.  Standing room only with personable artwork on the walls.  Already nearly noon, only a few delicacies remained, so I chose the Almond Croissant.

Credit: Travis Lee

Credit: Travis Lee

Veronika’s Almond Croissant is not an airy Americanized puffpiece that come a dozen in a box from the grocery store.  It is made from hand folded and rolled layers of dough, cooked then sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with almonds.  The flaky pastry is just so barely sweet with a subtle, nutty flavor inside.  The Almond Croissant is not a bombardment of sugar on a donut.  It is a gentle tease to satisfy the palate.

This and other made-with-love baked creations there should be eaten slowly, taking the time to savor every mouthful.  Veronika gave her talent and effort into making these treats; set aside the smartphone and give your time and attention to actually enjoy it.

Touches of Home in Eastern Europe. Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

Touches of Home in Eastern Europe. Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
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Let me save you at the Purchase.

Veronika’s opens each weekday morning at 8:00 and accepts cash and Venmo without a problem.  Plastic cards will incur a slight extra charge for processing.  As a small business, she has to watch her expenses closely.  So to prevent a little unnecessary stress, walk into her shop with cash in hand.  Call it a pampering for the taste buds and the stomach.

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