18 wheeler hits trees and wires along 5th Ave in attempt to avoid congestion

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With repair work continuing on the westbound lanes of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, some drivers are trying to find any way to avoid congestion along 3rd Street, which can sometimes cause issues.

Wilmington Police responded on Tuesday to 5th Ave, where an 18-wheeler got stuck after hitting several trees and wires.

One loose wire damaged a parked police department vehicle, while two trees near Walnut Street were cut down on Wednesday due to the damage.

41-year-old Oliver Curry is charged with hit and run, property damage, and a truck route violation.

Wilmington Police Lieutenant Greg Willett said the driver was following his GPS, even though it wasn’t set up correctly.

“Make sure that GPS system knows you’re in a commercial motor vehicle,” Willett said. “You can program it as such. And if it does that, it will make sure to keep you on commercial motor vehicle lanes or truck routes if you will. If you’re using it just as a regular vehicle like I do and countless other people, it’s going to take you usually the shortest route or the quickest route. Those aren’t always truck routes.”

Willett adds that commercial trucks will not be allowed along 3rd Street and 5th Avenue even when construction on the bridge is done.

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